Twitter is one of the most use applications in the world. It’s call a treasure trove of information, where you give information to everyone out there. And easily get information about different events that happen all around the world. Many organizations and users tweet links to interesting articles or new information and the site can be a great tool for young people to broaden their understanding world.

People all over the world. If you’re wondering about the talk in the town or any news of the world you just need to click on a Hashtag and find out.

The hashtag is a tool to connect tweets that talk about the same things in one place.

Twitter has provided its users with strong privacy settings and precautions to protect them from any kind of piracy. You can buy twitter accounts to get more privacy features.

Log In Verification Code:

To give privacy on your account. Twitter has started the “Log in Verification Code” system, where you update your account with your phone number. That you’re currently using after that Twitter will send you the verification code. You should write to code correctly to get access to your account because without this code you’ll not be able to log in to your account. This is to protect your account from others who want to break into your account to use your identity. You must go to your “Security” settings on Twitter to activate the verification requests every time you log in.

Watch Out for Scams:

On Twitter, scammers will try to access your private information using tweets, emails & direct messages. They may tell you you’re the Twitter account’s been hacked & instruct you to change your password immediately. They might also claim that you’ve won a contest & all you need to do to claim your prize is log in to your Twitter account. Then they will send you a link or a page you should never try to log in to your account from their given links or else they’ll be able to break into your account and get access to everything.

Keep Eyes On Third-Party Applications:

You should keep your eyes on the app that you have authorized into your account because by doing that they get limited access to your account. They will be able to make changes which might be inappropriate for you. So you must often check the app and its given information before giving them permission to get access on any of your account’s feature.

Control Privacy on Your Direct Messages:

Twitter initially launched settings for messages through which you can only message to one people or to those who follow you but now Twitter has changed this to “Open to

You can change this setting and limit the audience who can message you. Firstly, check the status of your Direct Messages under Privacy and safety > Direct Messages on and mobile. There, you can turn off the options to Receive Direct Messages from anyone.

Choose Strong Password For Your Account:

If you don’t want your account to get hacked you must use unique passwords for your account because it will be hard to guess by the person who wants to hack your account. You can use any name, or any word with numbers and upper and lower letters.

Stop People from Tagging You:

Twitter has given options to everyone to tag random people in their tweets. And of course some people randomly tag you in their tweets to promote their tweet but if you don’t want to be tagged you can change these options. You can go to “Settings” and deselect the “Photo tagging” option to allow anyone to tag you in photos. This will save your account from getting tagged in inappropriate tweets.

Search Options:

Twitter has this option where you can put your email address and phone number and let others find you by putting one of them but It’s a dangerous thing for you. So you must avoid turning this option ON. Because this will make it easier for unwanted people to access your account easily.

Your Data and Personalization :

Twitter has this option which is accessible from within the Privacy and Safety menu. It’s allows you to control how much of your information Twitter itself is allowed to use.

Devices that you’re logged in from:

You can easily check the setting that shows you all of the devices currently logged in to your account — including both smartphone and desktop browsers. This will protect your account from getting used by any anonymous person.

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