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When planning a wedding, many things need to be taken into consideration. Many decisions will await you and your partner. However, something that you will struggle the most with is, without any doubt, deciding whether you will elope or have a large wedding ceremony. Both of these ceremonies can make you happy. You will still want to opt for the one you believe will suit you and your partner the most, though. So, in an epic struggle of eloping vs. big wedding, which one should you choose? Let’s learn more about both of them, and you will be able to answer this question easily.

Has the meaning of elopement changed over time?

Yes, the term “elopement” has changed over time. Once, eloping was all about running away to get married. In most cases, couples chose to go on a Las Vegas vacation so that they could get married by an Elvis impersonator. By far, this was one of the most popular and exciting destinations for eloping. However, as years passed by, the concept of eloping changed a lot. (Although the idea of getting married by an Elvis impersonator still sounds pretty awesome.)

Today, the term elopement is mostly used to describe small and intimate wedding ceremonies. They are often held in beautiful destinations all around the world with just a couple of guests or none at all. This type of event is easy to plan, and that is what couples like.

A bride and groom in nature at sunset

Small wedding ceremonies are the perfect choice for couples who want to have an event that is all about them.

How does eloping differ from a big wedding ceremony?

Wedding preparations are all about making different choices. What kind of dress will you wear, which venue to choose, what cake should be served, setting a date for the big day, etc. The list goes on and on! However, there is one question that almost every couple struggles with. Is it better to elope or have a large wedding ceremony? So, what is the right answer?

Let’s take a look at the most important differences between these two ceremonies. Once we’re done, you will know which one will suit you and your partner the most.

New trend vs. Old tradition

Once you start to compare eloping vs. big wedding, you will see many differences between them. But, let’s focus on the first and most obvious one. Big ceremonies are all about keeping in line with the tradition. People who opt for them usually want a fairytale wedding. Most girls dream of having a big wedding dress to show off to all their friends and family members. If you are one of them, you should skip eloping and opt for a larger ceremony.

Since eloping mostly includes getting married on Niagara Falls, Hawaii beaches, or other popular destinations, this type of wedding became a huge trend, especially on social media. Beautiful sunsets and breathtaking nature are the reason many couples choose to elope.

Intimacy vs. Revelry

To decide whether you will elope or not, you should ask yourself whether you want to have all of your loved ones next to you on the day of the big wedding. Keep in mind that even if you want to invite a couple of friends, you will still be able to elope and have an intimate Hamilton wedding at the C Hotel, for example. So, you can have your loved ones there and still have a small and intimate ceremony!

But, there is nothing wrong with organizing a big party with many guests. Those couples who are feeling festive and have a reasonable budget should do just that! After all, you will be marrying only once in your life (hopefully). So why not throw a party everyone will remember?

A married couple among guests holding up sparklers.

For a good party, you only need a good DJ and your loved ones.

Simplicity vs. Glamour

Big weddings are all about glamour and luxury. For some, this might be a bit over the top. If you are more into simple things, make sure you stay away from big weddings! Small ceremonies can also be charming and beautiful, even if they don’t happen in luxury venues. And, more importantly – you won’t need to spend a fortune on them. You will have enough money to spend on things like finding a reliable moving company and having a safe relocation after the big day to your new home. Doing this will be much more challenging if you are struggling with your wedding budget but still choose to have a large ceremony.

However, there is one important similarity you need to be aware of

As you can see, eloping is quite different from having a big wedding. However, there are some similarities between them.

First of all, both wedding types require a lot of planning. Even if you choose to have a smaller ceremony, you will still have to find a lovely venue and an attentive wedding photographer. Next, no matter the type of wedding you choose, you will still be able to celebrate with the people you love. Whether you invite them to the venue or throw a small house party, there is no doubt you will have a blast.

The third similarity, and the most important one, is that after both ceremonies, you will begin a new chapter in your life with the person you cherish the most. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you find the perfect dress, get the moving day you want, or how the flower arrangements look. The thing that matters the most is that this day is all about you, your partner, and celebrating your love.

A bride and groom hugging.

As long as you have your partner next to you, there will be nothing to worry about.

What is important to understand is that no one can tell you whether eloping vs. big wedding is right for you. You are the one who needs to make a choice, and once you do, start with the planning and preparations as soon as possible.

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