Wondrous DIY Interior Design Proffer for your Caravan or Mobile Home

Wondrous DIY Interior Design Proffer for your Caravan or Mobile Home

Caravans are the best choice jaunting around in Ireland for all those wanderlust families and solo travelers. Caravan gives the best possible comforts and eases to all the travelers that they experience sitting back at their home.  Here is the DIY Interior Design Ideas for your Mobile Home.

Well, there are many who can’t afford to buy a mobile home for themselves, but that does not mean that they can’t quench their thirst of traveling. There are some quirky and cool ideas of converting one’s bus or truck into a beautifully designed caravan or mobile home. And, the best part of this DIY conversion is that you can also get this converted mobile home insured. Yes, once you have done revamping your bus/truck, then you can apply for caravan insurance Ireland or mobile home insurance from a good insurance company.

Talking about a good insurance company, Britton Insurance is one of ‘the good’ insurance company who never disappoints their customers. Just visit their office or call their helpline number and leave everything on them. Britton Insurance is capable of taking care of everything that will give the most affordable and useful caravan insurance or mobile insurance.

And now, coming back on the DIY hacks to convert your bus/truck to a caravan or mobile home, you may follow these tips to bring out the best from your bus/truck. And, the best part of this DIY conversion is that you don’t need any professional electrician or a plumber. You can do all without any hassles.
Let’s begin:

1] Check the Cost required converting a Bus/Truck into a Mobile Home

Before hammering a nail into your bus/truck, make sure you’ve evaluated. Every nook and cranny of your bus/truck how much money needs to be spent on every part of the bus/truck? With the money evaluation, we mean the amount of plywood, screws. And nuts, wood, sanitary fittings, kitchen fittings and stuff like these will cost for the conversion.

2] Start your DIY conversion According to the Number of People you expect will sleep-in.

Another important aspect to take in consideration before starting with the revamping. It is counting the number of members that will sleep and stay in the mobile home. With this calculation, you can think of either constructing a bunker bed or create extra space in the living room for sofa-cum-beds. Also, by knowing the number of people sleeping in the mobile home will give you an idea of where to keep your kitchen and bathroom.

3] Check top to Bottom of your Bus/Truck before Setting up the Kitchen or Bathroom

These two are the trickiest part of the DIY conversion and thus, needs an extra chunk of time and thinking. Both Kitchen and Bathroom requires a water connection and to fix the water pipes. You need to carefully decide which area do you need both these rooms. And, then need to check at the bottom of the bus/truck to make sure that there is enough space to fix a water pump. A space for washroom and a tank for these (without disturbing the automobile wires).

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4] Draw a Blueprint now

Once you’ve decided where and what needs to be fixing, the next thing before starting the conversion is to bring all the things in a form of blueprint. With this, your work won’t be disturbed as everything will be clear to you and in place for you to work in a systematic manner.

These are some useful tips and guidelines to all you who are passionate to propel their DIY conversion of bus/truck into a mobile home. Once done with the changes, do not forget to get the mobile home insurance from a good insurance company like Britton Insurance. These are known in the industry for their affordable yet useful caravan insurance Ireland.


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