6 Things to Put in Your Kid’s Backpack to Encourage Active Play

6 Things to Put in Your Kid’s Backpack to Encourage Active Play

As well as going back to their left school chair, to be active in our children, long guns in gunfights and endless tags of tags and past cold temperatures. So, Here is the Things to put in your kid’s Backpack. 

That’s why I love this blog post and participation initiative.

It highlights the fact that about the curriculum of our children so much that this time of the year is so important. We must think of helping children to break down, lunch breaks. And help before the stolen time for the game and after school. It does not only help to meet the proposed hours of their daily exercise, it promotes them to learn their brain during the day.

The offer to take part “thinks as a little toolkit about your kids backpack to encourage spontaneous, exotic activities.” This fun info-graphic explains:

The advice of the organization should be the childhood of every child.

1] Rubber Ball

With its simple user interface, this cheaper device will have to create all the kids’. Classic schoolyard games such as “Red A” or “Sockey” (Bottom Hockey) or their own game games.

2] Pandemeter

Provides a real way for a little track of physical activity and technology appeals for the increasingly popular. Electronics-crazed generation parameters with children and young children. Children can compete with each other to meet the daily small number or personal achievement. Or they may challenge school friends in a little friendly war.

3] Sunlight and Sunscreen

It is the part of being safe outside the UV rays. This is a good idea for the children to share their own sunscreen day. (If the current trend is a hint, we may probably swap up a lot for a long time ago for protection.)

4] Helmet

I do not know about your kids, but if I do not have my own scooter or skateboard, then it is better that they play with a wheel in a day. Connect a bike helmet next to its backpack to run scooters or bicycles or to practice flip after school or afterwards.

5] Jacket

Do not let the jacket become a disciplined excuse for sitting around inside a little rain or some cool temps. It’s probably my west coast, but when it rains, I say to my kids, “We do not make ice!” After all, there is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothes.

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6] Mobile Phones

I’m not sure about this one, but perhaps my kids are still a bit short for phones and our conditions still do not need one at all. That said, a mobile phone can create a huge difference between the level of independence. Whether a child is walking to school or playing a playground with friends. In most cases what it does for the comfort level for both parents and children.

While I was posting on this blog, I was thinking that my seven-year-old, pictured above, created a toddler backpack’s own version of active life. His water bottles, Frisbee, his favorite baseball glove and a skisish baseball are included [Update: Frisbee is currently on the roof of the neighbor]. So tell me, what do you think about participating tips for a well-packed backpack? And what is your child’s backpack? Please comment me below!


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