The anniversary is the best and important party in every couple’s life. It is Six months or 60 years doesn’t matter. A Relationship takes several milestones in life. The 6 Months Anniversary Celebration is the first of the Starting milestone of your married life. If you have successfully completed your half-year anniversary then it’s not proved whole life you spend well. When you think about Celebration first think how to celebrate and ways of celebration. In life, many ups and downs have come you both are solved together. Here are some Anniversary Idea to celebrate your Six Months Anniversary, keep reading.

1] Make a Memorable Video

This is amazing and Unique way to celebrations. Nowadays this Idea are very Popular on social media. Every person thinks about sharing some of the memories with friends and relatives. This is unique and trendy ways to collect memory for whole life. On your six months anniversary day whole day shoot some funny, crazy. And emotional video for your partner or with your partner that they save for life long. You can also making video of your last six months photos and surprise your partner to give as a gift. This one is a perfect idea to remember your 6 month Anniversary.

2] A Romantic Dinner


Spending whole day together and at the end go out of the home for romantic dinner. A Delicious Food, Romantic Weather lighting candle, play soft music and a glass of wine it is perfect combination of Romantic Dinner. This one is a best part of your life. Dressed his/her favorite outfits and let them flatter again. If they see you in his/her favorite outfits they will be defiantly fall in love with you again. Go in a favorite Restaurant and carry gift for her to impress her.

3] Movie Night

This Idea is Depends up how much you crazy for watching Movie at Night. If you both are Love to watch movie and crazy about it then this idea will helps to celebrating six months anniversary. You can make some excitement during watching movie like cuddling with each other and get some romance in that. Also add some challenges like who is awake late night without closing eyes, we call as a movie marathon. Make a List of Movies and grab some snacks and sodas.

4] Long Road Trip


Pack up your bag and go for a trip for weekend. This one will be is batter for any other ideas. Don’t pre-planned just go and starting explore new place. Yes, this one is a defiantly amazing idea to enhance your mood and celebration. Plan a Long Road trip that involves six different place city or state. This one be depends on your budget. Yes, Planned the trip in your Budget, if your Budget is small then planned some small trip that nearby you. Also, that makes romantic, like go for a movie, picnic spot and had lunch and dinner together on some romantic place you know.

5] Surprise Gift

Anniversary is an event in couple’s life. They will be enjoy a lot on this day. They both are except gift from each other. Surprise your partner with giving some unique and extra ordinary gift to show your love and respect for his/her. No any other day they expect from you to receive something from you but this special day you partner expectation is more. So, Surprise them by giving gift like personalize photo frame, Hand written love latter, and anniversary greeting card that made by you.

6] Recreate your First Date with Her

This is the Best and Beautiful Ideas to celebrate your six month anniversary. Girls are never forgotten her first date and that all moment they spent together. So, Let’s Surprise your Partner with recreates your First Date. If you’re First date at the Movie Theater then go that theater and make memorable. Or else you can play same movie you watch first at home and make the same situation at home and feel like your first date. During Movie watching add a lots of romantic atmosphere.

7] To Remind Him of Your Love

To remind you’re Love to your partner, If you are Marry and six months are passed and your newlywed label ended then you can try something new. Express your Love with giving handmade gift, love greeting card etc… You can also decorate your home with lighting, add some romantic music. And hang your photos of remember your honeymoon days. Then Ready for him and decorate dinner table and invite them in a unique way for dinner.

8] Spa Day

Spa Day

Spend whole day with your love partner in a saloon with take couple massage. This Idea will defiantly work to add memory in your life. Whole day you can do different things like take couple massage, Hair cutting, and manicure/pedicure. It is best to care your health with partner. These ideas will defiantly bringing up you. You will feel stressed free and tension free and also is satisfying too. This Idea you will do at home also. You can just hire a Professional person for massage and purchase a product you like. These will be a awesome ideas to celebrating six months anniversary.

9] Cooking with Your Partner

A Great thing in every couples Life is strong bonding. Going to a cooking class for one day is the great way to feel closer to your partner. Try a New activities is also a part of knowing your partner’s personality and nature also. This lesson is very helpful in life. Some time your partner will tired for work then you can try to cooking and impress her. It means she realize your love and you bond will be more and more strong day by day.

Hope, This all Ideas will helps to Celebrating your Six Months Love/Wedding Anniversary. You can choose anyone of them to Celebrations. Try to spend full time with your partner and feel them they are very special for you. So, Celebrating your anniversary in a romantic way.

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