Optimizing your B2B website includes detailed analyses of your site’s performance.

Are there any differences in optimizing your B2B website and a B2C one? If you own a company that provides services to other businesses, you might have asked yourself this question. After all, a part of your website’s job is to attract clients – they are simply other business owners. If you wonder what attracts them and makes them use your services, ask yourself what would make you do the same in their place. What would you expect of a well-optimized B2B site?

Where do B2C and B2B website optimization meet?

Optimizing your B2B website doesn’t differ much from B2C optimization. End-users of your website resources, in either case, are people and web crawlers. Knowing your business and your services make it easy to determine the type of clients you expect to attract. So, in essence, you are optimizing your website for a particular audience, which makes your job that much easier.

Another good news is that once you optimize your site, you have done most of the work. In the future, you’ll only need to tweak it a bit, following new SEO updates, add fresh content to keep your audience engaged, and maintain your online relationship with (potential) clients.

In other words, you can use on-page and off-page SEO strategies to build your online reputation and allow these tactics to drive traffic to your site while you tend to your business. That is one of the reasons why you should optimize your B2B website – it does significant work on your behalf.

Apply attractive web design

Optimizing a website doesn’t involve only search engine optimization. You should focus on its looks, too. Humans are visual beings, and you should tap into our very nature to promote your services. However, be aware that while great design very important, it is not the most important feature of your online presence.

A person designing a mobile-friendly version of a website.
Attractive web design is important, but not at the expense of other features.

Massive amounts of unstructured or poorly formatted content, large media files that slow page loading to the point of annoyance, ambiguous or otherwise unclear message about your business operations, lack of security features – all these contribute to the message you send to other company owners. If they care about their business at all, they will stay away.

Security matters greatly

Can you allow yourself to be careless when it comes to cyber-security? Absolutely not, especially because you and your website deal with sensitive data every day in a not-so-friendly online environment. Taking care of security and monitoring your website’s performance is vital. As a part of online protection for your business, focus on malware search and removal, raising a firewall, and constant monitoring of your site’s performance.

Login window, a part of optimizing your b2b website for users.
Take care of web security and monitor your website’s performance regularly.

Security doesn’t involve solely technical performance, though. Take the time to compile and present your Terms and Conditions and your data protection policy, too. Also, don’t forget to save backups and keep your web archive in a safe spot.

Present your services clearly

What turns visitors into clients? A combination of an attractive website and a clear presentation of your services. This mix tells a story of a successful, organized business that invests in presentation but also knows who its clients are. By focusing on the best possible user experience, you’re investing in your future sales.

Web design schematics on a paper.
A well-organized business shows through a well-structured website.

The best way to start, as always, is to present what you do and for whom you do it right there on your home page. Business owners like you have limited time to browse the web; if they don’t recognize your services for what they need, they will move on. It is not enough to know what you do or do it well. A part of optimizing your B2B website is clearly showing that to everybody else.

Create quality, SEO optimized content

If you already have a website that doesn’t attract as much organic traffic, aka interested visitors, you might need to consider two options. Either you’ll refurbish your existing site to better suit its purpose, or you’ll create a brand new online presentation.

Either way, there are certain SEO points to consider before building your website. Hence, you better make a plan before launching your site and showing your new face to the business world. Once the site is up and running, take the time or hire professionals to create and update good quality content optimized for search engines.

A person writing a SEO blog post necessary for optimizing your B2B website.
Take the time to create good quality content and apply SEO in the process.

Use the opportunity to speak about topics, products, or services you care about, engage your clients by answering their comments and inquires, and present your business efforts in a way it appeals to other entrepreneurs. That is, concisely and to the point.

Distinguish yourself from your competitors

Sure, you may be just one of many who offer the same service or product to other businesses, but that doesn’t mean you should blend in. On the contrary. Optimizing your B2B website means highlighting the very thing (or things) that make you stand out from other companies.

It may be your location and the specific area you are servicing. Or it may be an aspect of your operations, a feature of your product, or an additional service that no one else offers.

A person analyzing web traffic graphs.
With the right strategy, you distinguish yourself from others and drive traffic to your b2b website.

Think thoroughly about what makes you different, and then point that out on your website. People, especially business people, like to associate with something unique. Not only because it tells something about their taste, but also because it distinguishes them from others.

Make your website responsive and fast

If your pages are taking forever to load or respond to a user request, it will not bode well for your business and your pages’ rankings. Unless you pay attention to the site’s responsiveness, your visitors will assume that you offer services in the same manner.

It is vital to choose the ideal WordPress theme for your website for a few reasons. Site loading time is a ranking factor, and if you use the right WP theme that is lightweight and attractive, you hit the jackpot. It will both attract visitors, keep them on your site, and provide a great user experience.

Build authority and trust

Applying all the above will help you build authority and trust only so much. It is up to you to stand behind your words from the homepage and deliver the promised. In the end, optimizing your B2B website properly will attract visitors and inspire them to do business with you. You should follow up to make them return.

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