5 Reasons Why Holiday Season Is a Perfect Timing for Recruitment

When it comes to Recruitment, there is no specific time for companies to even recruit people. And as for the employees, they will always have to get a job whenever they are in the most need of it. Yet, as per the popular belief, holiday season can prove to be good time for recruitment. This article will tell you how to outsmart any kind of recruitment companies’ advances, whereas also showing how potential candidates can apply ‘smartly’ and for companies during the holidays.

1] Best Time to Stay Ahead of Schedule

Holiday period might be a leisure time for everyone. But not for the ones searching for the jobs and the ones who are to be providing it. Use this leisure time to assemble a well-honed resume, and apply for a bunch of jobs. To stay ahead of your and the world’s damn schedule. This is where all and any Recruitment Agency is going to update their hiring strategy to attract more candidates to recruit in their company. Make a detailed plan, especially for holidays to be ahead of the schedule.

2] Fall Semester Graduates Become Easy Targets

Fall semester is when most of the college students get their degree and dream of getting a sound job. As for any placement agencies, many of their HR are keen on getting people fresh out of universities. Who are, as they are out in the real world now, too determined and eager as well as motivated enough to put in some real-work so on put their knowledge to a good use. There is also the easy way of contacting them and set up a physical interview, as they do have a long break.

3] Prospects will be Highly active on Social Media

Social Media platforms are more than active during the holiday season. And that is exactly why you will get more than enough prospects for recruitment during the holidays. Any Recruiting agency has understood the power of social media, and thus they started using this as an advantage for them. It sorts of falls under employer branding strategy. Which will help to attract a large number of candidates through the medium which is use and loved by all. It is obvious, then, when one sees ads cropping up on their Instagram stories about job opportunities.

4] Easy-Excuse Month for Candidates

Even if the holidays are the number one easiest month for the candidates to give on excuses to leave the office. At least take more than 5 days of holidays, make sure that your people are not doing that behind your back. Encourage enough discipline in them. While willingly accept people from other companies, who are looking for an upgrade in their jobs. The excuses range from shopping, running errands, Christmas parties, or some sort of celebrations or other. Make sure you keep an eye on those employees who go out to give other interviews on the basis of these excuses. To promote a dedicated workplace atmosphere, tell them to honestly go on, instead of making excuses.

5] The Competition is Limited

During the holidays, few companies expect of people joining them. What will all the planned trips and get-together, and more serious, such as weddings and other familial occasions. Many companies, thus, believe in this rumor, and think that holiday jobs and the search for candidates during this time will always result in a dead end. Use this to your advantage; get people to know that you are hiring. Take advantage of the limited competition and even more availability of potential employees’ pool. Offer a steady income, and many will be turning over to you, thus leaving their first job.

So, there you have it. If you, as a recruitment agency, plan and incorporate these points in your holiday times recruitment strategy as it will not only attract more candidates. But it will get you even more bright and dedicated employees. Also, if you are someone looking for a job, then think of how a recruitment agency will work, and plan your applications ! Happy recruiting and also, happy job-seeking as well!

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